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SVAT’s Warehouse Facilities in Italy

Throughout Italy, SVAT is a leader in nationwide distribution

The logistics network we have developed over the last 15 years relies on a number of warehousing centres in strategic locations across the country. Thanks to these storage facilities, we can guarantee a nationwide service in every part of Italy. SVAT’s warehouses – approved as bonded warehouses – offer a storage capacity of more than 36,000 multi-temperature pallets, a figure that is constantly rising. Whatever the requirements of different industries, retailers, or the hospitality and catering sector, SVAT’s domestic transportation and storage services can provide a solution.
Our force is the capillary presence on the italian area that can satsfy the specific seasonal  needs.
Possibility to stock goods both at positive and negative temperature
VAT deposit
Svat platforms have the authorization as VAT deposit in order to stock comunitary goods and support the companies with the execution on VAT practics.
Cross docking
The prepared orders are distributed trough SVAT network in the respect of a weekly delivering plan
Inbound services
Container Preparation
Personalized co-packing
Quality control and photo sharing
Controlled defrosting
Interaction with the IT Systems
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