Frequent delivery of small quantities though appropriate trucks

Distribution within Italy and Abroad

Distribution to pharmacies: when temperature and timing are crucial, SVAT is the solution

More than 1000 businesses rely on SVAT’s solutions for their Italian and European distribution needs. Thanks to our network-based organisational model and our relationships with international partners, SVAT ensures a high frequency of shipments for your weekly delivery schedules. Sectors that are characterised by specific requirements, such as distribution to pharmacies, airports and ice-cream parlours, can fully depend on SVAT as their partner.
Through the network SVAT guarantees the service on the whole national area and by involving international partners it covers all Europe.
Deliveries to the distribution platforms but to the retails as well. Characteristics: fractionation and high frequency
Capillarity, sharpness in the respect of the weekly delivery plan and flexibility on facing the seasonal changes. These are the characteristics to obtain the results that Svat guarantees
Food service
We develop specific projects to support the food service industry
We deliver gluten free goods
Ice Cream shops
Capillarity, sharpness and flexibility in facing the seasonal changes
We carry out deliveries to the logistics stuctures inside the airports with readymeal goods
We guarantee the alongside service also in groupage
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